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21 FÉVRIER 2024

New patent for Valbia's MT multiturn actuator, 100% made in Italy.

The MT multi-turn actuator, launched in January 2023 by Valbia to meet the various needs of the water treatment market, has just been granted a patent for its AC-Brushless motor solution controlled by Inverter.
Thanks to its wide speed range, it allows separate management of gradual valve starts and/or stops, and without having to replace any of the actuator's internal components it is possible to set variable, even partial, opening and closing times.
15 NOVEMBRE 2023


1.600.000 cycles
Bonomi Group has always guaranteed a high product quality standard thanks to the synergy and integration of the different engineering departments of the group's companies.
The industrial plant engineering sector is characterized by many applications, including very complex ones, where product quality and high performance are a guarantee for the continuous operation of production lines. 
Valbia and Ghibson have combined their expertise to offer the market an automation package consisting of a "double eccentric" butterfly valve (HD Series) and a single or double-acting pneumatic actuator (82 Series).
The package was tested for reliability and robustness under heavy duty service conditions. The test was carried out at a temperature of 20°C through repeated cycles at 3-second time intervals and was voluntarily discontinued, given the excellent results, after about 1,600,000 cycles in the absence of signs of wear. 
After the test was finished, the actuator-valve combination was subjected to visual inspection, in-line testing, water testing, and torque detection. The valve was also bench tested with evidence of no disc and seat leakage. 
All inspections showed that the actuator and valve were in perfect condition. 
An excellent performance, that of Valbia and Ghibson, with an extraordinary result that further demonstrates Bonomi Group's strong commitment to engineering, manufacturing and installing efficient and innovative products that meet all market requirements, where safety and durability are essential features. 
5 OCTOBRE 2023

MT is the new intelligent multiturn actuator at variable speed from Valbia

MT multiturn electric actuator from Valbia, a brand of Bonomi Group, is a product patented 100% made in Italy designed according to the latest technologies and with innovative solutions, among which stand out the latest generation of AC-Brushless motor driven by an inverter designed by the company itself.

The wide speed range offers important advantages for the control and protection of the valves, such as smooth and gradual start and stop stroke management, protecting both the line from pressure surges and water hammer and the structure of the valve themselves. The extreme reliability of the actuator is guaranteed by the
  The extreme reliability of the actuator is guaranteed by the IP66/68 double sealed housing according to EN 60529 and the non-intrusive building, thanks to which all the operations of configuration, calibration and reading of the integrated data logger take place without opening any cover, via the local pushbuttons.

Find out more: https://youtu.be/OPUN1JQ2RE0?si=1CkdL6oVwz7Cc-jr